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Send review requests while reducing the proportion of bad reviews
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You want more reviews, but don’t have an easy way to ask for them

Pestering people isn’t an effective way to get reviews. You don’t want to nag your customers.

But at the same time, you do need more positive online reviews to help your business gain authority and credibility online.

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Run effective review request campaigns in minutes

With Reviews On My Website, you can send review requests directly to your customers in just a few clicks.

Best of all, with our reputation management features, you can encourage customers with a negative experience to leave you feedback so you reduce the likelihood of them leaving you a bad review online.

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Easy review generation for the platforms that matter to your business

The link you send via email or SMS allows you to request reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, or other important review sites. You can choose which review sites you want to offer as options.

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Increase Your Average Star Rating

When you ask your customers for reviews with Reviews On My Website, you immediately divert positive star raters to your online review sites and ask negative star raters for feedback first.

Get More Reviews

If you’ve been putting off getting reviews from your customers, that ends here. It’s so fast and easy to add customers and send off a message using our templated email or text message.

Boost Google Search Rankings

Did you know that number and quality of reviews are a key indicator Google uses to determine rankings in Maps and Search? Beat the competition to valuable search traffic.

Upload a List of Your Customers, or Send 1-by-1

Add one customer or as many as you want to our platform

Ask Customers for a Review via Email or Text Message

Send a review request with a friendly and simple message

Get More Reviews on Popular Platforms & Your Website

Get reviews on important online platforms and add them to your site

Reduce bad reviews

If a customer gives a 4-star or higher, they’ll immediately be shown the links to the review networks you chose

When customers leave you a 1, 2 or 3-star rating, they will be asked to leave feedback before showing the review sites. This drastically reduces the number of negative reviews your business receives, by directly sending their concerns to you to address first.

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Email and SMS

Choose the format that makes the most sense for your customers

Text messaging offers the highest open rates of any customer communication channel. But email can be a smart choice if that’s how you usually communicate with your customers. Either way, you’re covered with our Requesting Reviews feature.

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Quick Setup

Get up and running in just a
few minutes

Requesting reviews shouldn’t be painful. Just upload a CSV file of your customers’ phone numbers or email addresses, or manually enter the info. Then customize your message and hit send.

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Time-saving Templates

Use templated messages to make
requesting reviews a breeze

When you manually ask customers to review you, you have to constantly write the text message or email. With Reviews On My Website, your templated message is saved and ready to use again and again.

Protect your business from bad reviews

Mass And Individual Sending

Send review requests in bulk or one at a time

If it’s been a long time since you’ve sent review requests (or even if you never have), a mass send can be a great idea. Upload a list of your customers, write your message template, and send via text message or email. We’ll send the messages in batches to ensure excellent deliverability.

Or, if you’d rather, you can send messages one at a time after a successful appointment, session, or service.

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Connects With Display Widget

Add more reviews to your website on autopilot

With Reviews On My Website, you can set up filters so that only new positive reviews will show up on your website. You’ll also receive email notifications when we add a new review from a review platform to your website, so you can double check that you want to keep it.

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Automated Requests

Automatically send review requests after completed appointments or purchases. Zapier connects to 2000+ apps to help you hook up your CRM or other important systems and make review requesting even easier.

Mobile Friendly

Whether your customers click on the review link from an email or from a text message, the reviewing experience will look great. It’s fully optimized for mobile and looks perfect on desktop and tablet devices too.

Completely Secure

Our review widget is compatible with HTTPS protocol, which ensures that your site remains safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a high rate of customer satisfaction, you can request reviews right after a service appointment. If you have never requested reviews from your customers and you have a high rate of customer satisfaction, feel free to request a review from all of your customers. If you don’t have a high rate of customer satisfaction (for whatever reason), you’ll want to be more careful who you send these requests to. Check your customer database for people you assume are satisfied and ask them for a review, instead of asking everyone.
First, customers are asked to give you a star rating. If they give you a high rating, they’ll be shown platform options to review you on. If they give you a low rating, they’ll be asked to submit feedback before being shown the platform options. It’s against all review sites policies to request reviews without giving the low star raters a chance to review you, so we still will provide them with the option to leave a review. But because they submit feedback first, the likelihood of them still reviewing you on a public site drastically decreases and you can feel confident that only positive reviews will be displayed.
Keep your review request message short and sweet.. Something positive like, “Thanks for being a customer of [business name]. We’d love to hear how we did today!? Your feedback helps our business to continue to grow.” A satisfied customer loves helping out small business owners, especially after they’ve received excellent service, so don’t feel guilty about asking for the quick favor.

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