How to buy SMS credits

SMS credits are required to send SMS review requests to your customers and are available on the Growth and Premium plans.

Each SMS message uses 1 SMS credit per part of the message which is 160 characters.

You will receive a number of SMS credits each month as part of your subscription. The amount of credits is determined by the plan that you are on. The monthly SMS credits are automatically deposited into your account at the beginning of each month.

If you run out of the SMS credits before your monthly allotment is refilled, you can always purchase more credits.

How to check your SMS credit balance

You can see how many credits are available in your account under Billing > Account usage.

How to buy SMS credits

SMS credits can be purchased in packs - in a variety of different sizes, from 100 to 1,000 - so you only pay for what you will need.

The bigger the pack, the cheaper the price per SMS. SMS credits never expire and carry over month to month, so there's no time limit to use them up.

To buy a pack of SMS credits:

  1. Login to your ReviewsOnMyWebsite account 
  2. Go to Billing > Buy SMS credits
  3. Select the SMS package to purchase
  4. Click Buy credits


  • Any unused portion of the monthly SMS allotment will be lost and does not carry over to the next month
  • The monthly allotment of SMS messages will be used before using any purchased SMS credits
  • Purchased SMS credits never expire and will carry over until used up