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Review Generation Software: Collect Reviews from Your Customers

Use our review generation software to request reviews from your customers, compile reviews from top review sites, add social proof, and increase conversion rates.

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Get Reviews for your Business and Watch it Grow

Reviews are a major part of purchasing decisions and give customers the reassurance they need to choose you. The more reviews (and review responses) you have, the more customers will trust your brand and the easier it’ll be to scale your efforts and sales.

Don’t let reviews disappear into the ether – collect customer reviews quickly and easily with ReviewsOnMyWebsite’s review generation tools.

Reduce the likelihood of future negative reviews

Collecting reviews can help you identify common problems your customers face. Asking customers for their thoughts right after they make a purchase means you have ample opportunity to address any problems or friction points. Use this information to improve your product or service and reduce the chance of future negative reviews.

Find out how likely customers are to refer your business

Not sure how your customers feel about your business? Collecting reviews gives you all the info you need to better understand what your customers like and dislike about working with you. Get an instant average star rating across multiple review sites to see how your business matches up against your competitors.

Get reviews from the right sites

Want to know how to collect reviews from customers? There are a lot of review sites out there, which can make it difficult to find where customers are sharing their experiences. Our handy review generation software gives you quick access to reviews on the most popular sites, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp. More importantly, you can choose which sites YOU want customers to share their reviews on so you stay in complete control.

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Manage your online reputation

Customer experience is critical. The happier customers are, the more likely they are to come back. Our review generation software lets you collect and manage both positive reviews and negative ones so you can determine what customers really think about your business.

Increase search rankings

Reviews play an important role in SEO. Collecting and sharing reviews indicates to Google that people like your brand and are willing to invest in it. As a result, the search engines will improve your ranking, which will generate more traffic in business listings for local search.

Key Features of Our Customer Feedback Generator

Our online review generator lets your customers do the talking (they’re your most powerful
marketing tool!). The easy and intuitive dashboard paired with powerful technology lets you
collect reviews from multiple review sites and display them in one place.


A large chunk of consumers research brands on their phones. Our online review system makes it easy to request, collect, and display reviews on smaller screens so your customers can share their thoughts wherever they are.

Direct customer communication

Want to better understand who’s buying from you? Customer interaction is crucial. Filter reviews by their star rating to address dissatisfied customers or simply say “thank you” to customers who leave a glowing review!

Reviews in real-time

Our review generator invites customers to share reviews on your chosen sites and pulls them instantly into your dashboard. You’ll receive notifications when new reviews pop up so you can get real-time feedback about what your most recent customers think.

Advanced technology

Our review collection software uses powerful automation technology to get customer reviews from various review sites as soon as they land. This keeps your feed fresh and up-to-date. Once you’ve sent a request and a customer has left a review, it will instantly pop up in your dashboard ready to be displayed on your website or shared on social media platforms.

Automated review requests

Take a hands-off approach and automatically send review requests to recent customers via email or SMS. Stay top-of-mind and capture customers when they’re still warm while ensuring your review collection process runs consistently without a hitch.

Collect Reviews in 3 Simple Steps

ReviewsOnMyWebsite is intuitive and simple to use. Get set up and started in a matter of minutes.

1. Request reviews

Send customers to a customized feedback page via text message or email that can be embedded directly on your website. You can choose which review site you’d like them to share their experience on or simply let them choose their favorite.

2. Encourage Written Reviews

Go beyond a simple star rating and ask customers to write a review on the review platform of your choice. Written reviews hold more weight and add context to star ratings making it easy to get future customer referrals.

3. Dig Deeper

Give dissatisfied customers the chance to share their thoughts through a private feedback form that’s sent directly to your dashboard. Understand why a customer had a bad experience and address their issues in real-time to turn them into happy shoppers.

Why Choose ReviewsOnMyWebsite for Review
Generation and Collection

Looking for the best online review software? Look no further than ReviewsOnMyWebsite.

Great support team

Our expert customer support team is on hand to help with any problems. Years of experience means we’re pros at getting you set up, started, and seeing success in no time at all.

High product success rates

Our customers love our product review generator. It’s a quick and easy way for them to collect customer feedback and display it on their website.

Affordable costs

Our flexible pricing makes us one of the more affordable customer reviews software out there. Save time and money when you use ReviewsOnMyWebsite.

Easy and intuitive review management

Creating a review request form and automating the process is a breeze with our intuitive dashboard, pre-built templates, and simple step-by-step guides. Easily monitor reviews and streamline your review collection efforts in one central place.

Compatible review sites

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use our reputation management software to send all the collected reviews to your website. Choose which review sites you want to collect reviews from and direct customers to share their experiences on your chosen sites. When they’ve submitted their review, the Display Reviews feature will pull them onto your website where you can customize the design of the widget.

Yes, you can automatically encourage customers to share their reviews on Google. The ReviewsOnMyWebsite review management software will then pull business reviews from Google into your dashboard or straight onto your website if you use the Display Reviews feature. You’re not just limited to Google, though. Our software integrates with the majority of popular review sites, including Facebook, Yelp, and Yell, as well as niche review sites, like TripAdvisor and Zillow.
Yes, you can try out our free customer review generator. The free trial lets you play around with the dashboard and experiment with review collection from different sites. If you have any problems or questions during your trial, our experienced team of review collection pros is on hand to help.

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