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I have been going to Fabutan for years, on and off, in multiple different provinces. Unfortunately, my experience at this location left much to be desired. The owner's attitude was disappointing -- seemingly entitled and miserable. The entitlement and lack of friendliness detracted from what should have been a relaxing and enjoyable visit.

Yesterday I called on my way in and scheduled a tan. When I arrived, the young lady wasn't able to find me in the system (later I found out this is because I had tanned years ago in another province). I let the lady know who was new to her job that it was absolutely OK and I am totally fine with returning the following day when the owner was in so she could give her a hand. She booked me in for 11AM the following day. She apologized numerous times and I repeatedly said no sweat I totally understand things happen, see you tomorrow with a smile on my face. I asked her to schedule me for the stand-up as I had no idea they had one at their location. So she did just that.

Fast forward to today, I came 15 minutes early to avoid missing my scheduled tan as there seemed to be an issue with finding me in the system the day prior. When I arrived I introduced myself, the owner confirmed she found me and had me take a seat and wait for my time slot. I sat and waited as I was early (my fault), about 15 minutes goes by, now past my scheduled appointment time, when the owner tells me that my package does not include the stand up. To which I replied "No worries can you get me into a regular bed" her response was yes. I continue to wait, it is now 12 minutes past my scheduled appointment when she requests to see my lotion and eye wear. I showed her and immediately she says we don't allow that brand (it was JWOWW's brand). Let me also mention that I have never had an issue using this lotion and at THIS SAME location too! Nevertheless, I explained this to her and her reaction was seemingly getting more and more aggravated and irritated with me as if I totally inconvenienced her day, mood, and life. Although I was still very polite and understanding, I think she began to tell I was getting a little bit impatient and frustrated as this was my second time attempting to visit this location (time is money) and the service was seemingly getting worse with each visit. She gave me the option to tan with no lotion and to leave my lotion on the front counter while I went for a tan. I said I understand you have your own policies and procedures, but with all due respect this lotion is just as good if not better than what you have to offer.. This is when she stormed from behind her desk to the front lobby, swung the front door open, insinuating I had to leave the building immediately.

I was shaking, nervous, anxious, scared, and embarrassed. How did this go from a customer just wanting to relax and tan for two days and unable to do so, to this vulgar aggressive behavior. As I read the reviews for this location, I can completely and entirely understand why now.

I did not purchase my tanning package at this location. After reading the reviews, it's clear that this owner does not give anyone the time of day that did not purchase their package directly from one of her two locations (Windermere being the second). I left the establishment in tears, shocked and embarrassed. I then called the location off Whitemud (106 St) and was welcomed in with open arms.

If you read to the end, save yourself the headache, and spend your money at any other location except her Windermere which I'd imagine is no different. I will be sure to contact corporate with my experience as well.

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