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311 Hopkins St Unit 3, Whitby, ON, Canada

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Kris P
5mos 3w
Do not recommend this company all!!! They are rude, unprofessional and basically thieves . They are known for their nefarious actions like attempting to extort money from insurance companies, all the while the tow company is in contravention of Ontario regulations and municipal bylaws. This company’s questionable activities is why regulations and by-laws had to be enacted. They inflate and falsify their invoices (charging 4 times more than what the bill should be). They are absolute leeches preying on people moments after an accident and then screwing people for months afterwards. Absolutely shameful!!! Do not recommend!
Bryleigh Littlejohn
4mos 4d
Disgustingly overpriced, disgustingly rude lady answering the phone named kaitlyn, taking advantage of people who are in serious car accidents that required hospitalization and not giving them a choice in where it gets towed. OPP informed us you have the right to call your own tow company and dictate where it is taken to, and you have to sign a permission to tow form which we were never given. Claiming the owner was not on scene when the tow showed up which was false as the tow showed up before the ambulance did and the owner spoke to the tow truck drivers. This company is criminal, deceitful, manipulative and would not use again, over $2000 in fees for a tow less than 4 minutes away from the scene of the accident and less than 48 hours of storage, charged $85 a day for storage when website says $75 and it was not on the lot for 48 hours, this is absolutely unacceptable.

update: she made me take this review down to get $500 taken off the price and upon arrival not only did the entire establishment reak like marijuana, she told us she won’t be honoring that deal because we called too many times in one day, didn’t inform us that this new price is without hst included, and was extremely disrespectful, degrading and made rude insulting comments to my fiancé about his family and if they don’t want to be cooperative with us then my review will stay up as is, i won’t be letting a lady who sits at a desk for a living take away my freedom of speech which is a god given right in this free country. this company is just full of deceitful scam artists. absolutely sickening and every employee here is 100% high out of their minds and i consider that to be extremely dangerous seeing as they could be called to drive a tow truck at any given moment and would be doing so under the influence of marijuana, they should all be ashamed of themselves.

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