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8832 Young Rd A, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

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Anicca Brandt
2mos 3w
Firstly, I never leave reviews on google. This company Wally's showed up when I called BCAA today because my ignition was stuck. A young guy/kid shows up with his girlfriend in the tow truck proceeds to try to get the ignition to turn with no luck. He tries another option going under my SUV and when he comes up complains that he ripped his fav shirt...telling me 3 times. Unable to fix the issue he starts to.prepare for a tow. Once hooked up he starts to drive and gets another call and tells me he has to disconnect my truck, leaving me stranded at Cottonwood mall. He pulls over and puts my vehicle at an angle in a spot, front tires over the lines and begins to disconnect. When asked if he's going to park my vehicle properly he says its in the lines. When asked what I am supposed to do he has no answer and then complains because he has to do all this work to disconnect!!!!???? Meanwhile I had called a friend for help who shows up as this is all happening. He parks infront of the tow truck and goes to speak with this guy to ask him how he is going to remedy the situation and the tow driver gets in his truck backs up within centimeters of my truck and speeds forward hammering his airhorn right infront of my friend. This is Absolutley Unacceptable and unprofession behavior and beyond terrible customer service. I had to call BCAA and reschedule another tow company. AJ's towing showed up minutes after the call and had my car running.in 2 seconds. This Wally's is a horrible company. Just a horrible experience which I reported to BCAA. Thank god for this other company coming to my rescue. As for Wally's ...Discusting!
Julian Menard
3w 3d
I am a new driver and got into a fender bender, I was very distressed by the situation and honestly quite panicked.
Was just a very stressful situation for me.
Chris showed up at the accident and towed my vehicle away, he was very compassionate towards me, telling me this stuff happens all the time and that’s why it is called an accident etc.
towed it to the yard and the next day we went to go pick it up as it had to be towed to the house. All the staff were very friendly when we went to go and pick it up. Chris towed it to the house, we wanted it backed into the garage so he unhooked it, turned his truck around, and hooked up to the front as to back it in. He parked it very well in the garage and made sure we were satisfied with where it was positioned. He also asked me how I was doing, very friendly.
Chris told us that before he towed it he looked at the damage and told us the frame was fine, he then proceeded to show us the few parts that needed to be replaced. He also gave us the name of a website to buy the parts from, saying we will save 70-80%.
Very helpful and kind towards all involved.
All around pleasant experience.
And once again, thank you very much Chris for all your help and support.

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