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Athar A. Khan doubles reviews with ReviewsOnMyWebsite

Ready to explore their approach? Embark on a journey to discover how ReviewsOnMyWebsite doubled the Law Offices of Athar A. Khan, APC's online reviews, amplifying their presence in Orange County's family law landscape.

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Athar A. Khan
Owner & Certified Family Law Specialist

Empowering Families with Law Offices of Athar A. Khan, APC

Meet Athar A. Khan, a compassionate advocate and Certified Family Law Specialist in Orange County, California. With a legal career spanning over a decade, Athar's journey into family law was driven by a desire to provide empathetic support and expert guidance to individuals navigating complex legal challenges.

Athar's legal journey began in 2008 as an intellectual property lawyer, but it was a personal experience with the family court system that redirected his path. Faced with the emotional and legal complexities of divorce, Athar recognized the importance of courtroom experience and firsthand knowledge in family law matters. He immersed himself in legal aid work, representing clients in court proceedings and gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of family law.

In 2015, Athar officially launched Law Offices of Athar A. Khan, APC, with a mission to assist clients through some of life's most challenging moments with empathy, understanding, and unwavering dedication. Specializing in family law, Athar offers comprehensive legal services tailored to each client's unique needs, including divorce, child custody, spousal support, property division, and domestic violence restraining orders.

Law Offices of Athar A. Khan, APC, prides itself on providing comprehensive legal representation across a wide range of family law matters, from divorce and separation to child custody, domestic violence, and LGBTQ family law issues. With a focus on personalized service and effective advocacy, Athar and his team are dedicated to empowering families and protecting their rights and interests in every legal proceeding.

The Challenge

Prior to adopting ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Athar Khan encountered hurdles in finding a review management platform that met his specific needs. Despite exploring various options, he grappled with platform limitations, affordability concerns, and complexity issues.

  • Facing Platform Limitations: Athar initially struggled to find a suitable review management platform for his family law practice. Despite trying various competitors, he found that each platform was missing key features essential for his needs.
  • Affordability and Functionality Concerns: Cost-effective solutions were paramount for Athar, who sought a platform that offered robust functionality without breaking the bank.
  • Navigating Platform Complexity: Athar encountered challenges with other review management platforms, which often proved complex and cumbersome to navigate.

"I think the biggest challenge was to aggregate the data. Although a few other companies will do the aggregation, follow up and send a review request, each one was missing something or another."

The Solution

Athar Khan's journey to streamline his family law practice's online reputation management began with a quest for a platform that would align with his specific needs. After exploring various options in the market, he discovered ReviewsOnMyWebsite as the beacon of promise that would address his unique challenges.

  • Affordability and Comprehensive Features. Athar found that ReviewsOnMyWebsite not only provided the essential features he needed but also did so at a more affordable price point compared to other platforms. Its cost-effectiveness, coupled with its robust functionality, made it a compelling choice, eliminating the need to compromise between affordability and functionality.
  • Seamless Integration and Automation. Athar preferred ReviewsOnMyWebsite's seamless integration capabilities, particularly through Zapier, which enabled automatic review requests via text and email to his clients. This automation feature not only saved time but also ensured consistent and timely feedback collection.
  • Enhanced Control and Customization. ReviewsOnMyWebsite offered Athar more control over his review management process, allowing him to tailor the display of reviews according to his preferences. With the ability to set criteria for review visibility and the option to unpublish reviews as needed, Athar gained greater flexibility and autonomy in managing his online reputation.

"I really like ReviewsOnMyWebsite. It aggregates reviews from all the major sources such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and so on. What's really useful is that it offers granular control over the selection criteria for the reviews that are displayed. For example, I can choose to display reviews by rating, a date range, or a purely random selection. I also like that it updates dynamically. So, unlike a static page with outdated testimonials, ReviewsOnMyWebsite displays the most recent reviews - based on the selection criteria of course -- from any of the sites that it is connected to."

The Results

With ReviewsOnMyWebsite as his strategic ally, Athar Khan tackled his challenges head-on, seeking to enhance his family law practice's online reputation.

  • Review volume doubled. Since implementing ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Athar has experienced a significant increase in review volume, effectively doubling the number of reviews for his family law practice. This review surge reflects heightened engagement among his clients, amplifying his online presence and credibility within the Orange County legal landscape.
  • Cost reduction and savings. By consolidating his review management efforts into ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Athar could eliminate subscriptions with other software platforms, resulting in cost savings for his practice. This streamlined approach reduced overhead expenses and optimized resource allocation, enabling Athar to allocate his budget for online reputation more efficiently.
  • Saving time through the help of automation. ReviewsOnMyWebsite's automation features have revolutionized Athar's review management process, saving him valuable time and effort. With automated review requests sent to clients via text and email, Athar no longer needs to manually schedule or track review requests, ensuring timely feedback collection without the risk of missed opportunities. 

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