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Designers Furniture Achieves 130% Surge in Reviews

Explore how ReviewsOnMyWebsite propelled Designers Furniture to new heights, increasing their Google reviews by over 200 and elevating their online reputation to a 4.8-star rating.


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Our team needed a reliable review software, and ReviewsOnMyWebsite met all our criteria. It was the perfect fit for our needs.
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Setting the Stage for Style: Designers Furniture Redefines Modern Living

Meet Designers Furniture, a family-owned haven of contemporary furnishings nestled in the heart of Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Since 1998, Designers Furniture has been dedicated to curating a sophisticated selection of modern and mid-century pieces to elevate the aesthetic appeal of homes across northeastern Ohio.

With a passion for providing exceptional customer service and a commitment to offering something fresh with every visit, Designers Furniture has become synonymous with style, quality, and personalized shopping experiences.

Customers from Cleveland and beyond flock to the showroom to explore an extensive array of furnishings for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, and bars. Boasting a diverse range of brands, including ALF Furniture, BDI Furniture, Greenington, Calligaris, Fjords Recliners, Palliser, W.Schillig Furniture, and Natuzzi Editions, Designers Furniture offers a unique blend of sophistication and comfort to suit every taste and lifestyle.

The Challenge

Before harnessing the power of ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Designers Furniture faced a unique challenge that threatened to undermine their online reputation and credibility.

  • Stranded without support. Designers Furniture found themselves in a precarious situation when their former reputation management provider abruptly ceased operations. Without warning, they were left without a dependable system for soliciting and managing customer reviews, plunging them into uncharted territory without a clear path forward. This unexpected challenge cast a shadow over their online reputation, highlighting the critical need for a reliable review management solution to fill the void left by their former provider.

The Solution

With the discovery of ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Designers Furniture found a solution to navigate the challenges brought on by the sudden closure of their previous reputation management provider.

  • Harnessing user-friendly functionality. ReviewsOnMyWebsite proved to be the right solution for Modern Furniture, offering a user-friendly solution that aligned perfectly with their needs. The intuitive interface and straightforward functionality made it easy for them to transition from their previous provider, empowering them to take control of their online reputation with confidence and ease.
  • Showcasing credibility with widget integration. Leveraging the power of ReviewsOnMyWebsite's display widget, Designers Furniture transformed their website into a showcase of credibility and trustworthiness. By seamlessly integrating customer reviews directly onto their website, they provided prospective buyers with real-time insights into the quality of their products and services, enhancing their online presence and bolstering consumer confidence.
  • Soliciting new reviews with the request feature. Utilizing ReviewsOnMyWebsite's request reviews feature, Designers Furniture embarked on a proactive campaign to solicit new reviews from their satisfied customers. With just a few clicks, they were able to effortlessly reach out to their customer base, inviting them to share their experiences and contribute a steady influx of valuable feedback from their loyal clientele.

"Good reviews are very important, especially for new customers moving to the area who rely on online reviews to determine which furniture store to trust. We have more reviews than other furniture stores in our area, establishing our credibility and attracting customers seeking quality furniture."

The Results

Through their collaboration with ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Designers Furniture has achieved significant advancements in their online reputation, driving business growth and enhancing customer trust.

  • Experienced a 130% increase in Google reviews. Since partnering with ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Designers Furniture has seen a substantial 130% increase in Google reviews, accumulating over 200 new reviews. This surge in reviews has strengthened their online presence and credibility.
  • Maintains a stellar 4.8-star rating on Google. With the influx of positive reviews, Designer Furniture currently has an impressive 4.8-star rating on Google. This high rating reflects the exceptional level of customer satisfaction and reinforces trust among potential buyers.

"I would recommend ReviewsOnMyWebsite because it's user-friendly. I've never encountered any issues with the software—it just works. Everything just works."

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