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Red Baron Skyrockets Reviews by 625% with ReviewsOnMyWebsite

Intrigued to unveil their strategy? Embark on a journey to discover how ReviewsOnMyWebsite helped increase Red Baron's online reviews, propelling their aviation legacy to dazzling new heights.


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With some services, it is hard to weigh if the ROI is really there. With ReviewsOnMyWebsite, it is clear to see that the increase in reviews is worth the investment. We have more than doubled the number of reviews we receive since starting to use the service and we also increased lead conversions on our website by displaying their widgets during checkout.
Jared Parker

Soaring to New Heights with Red Baron: A Skyward Journey of Excellence

Meet Red Baron, an iconic Australian aviation institution that has painted dreams across the skies since 1983. Founded by the bold David Voight, the inaugural flight marked the start of an aviation legacy. With the Tiger Moth's enchanting presence gracing Sydney Harbour for nine years, a seamless transition in 1992 introduced the Pitts Special S2A aerobatic biplane, continuing the spirit of adventure.

Under new leadership in 1994, Red Baron's fleet expanded, offering scenic and thrill-seeker flights, capturing hearts of aviation enthusiasts. By 2005, Red Baron embraced Bankstown Airport, reaching from Sydney Harbour to the Blue Mountains.

At the heart of Red Baron lies the exhilarating open cockpit bi-plane flight, revealing Sydney's icons and vistas. An invitation to exhilarating adventure, where landscapes below and soaring hearts meet.

As Red Baron continues its skyward journey, they invite you to join their legacy. Book your Red Baron experience today, and be part of a tribute to the awe that lies beyond the horizon.

The Challenge

Before embracing ReviewsOnMyWebsite, Red Baron encountered a distinctive challenge despite their soaring success. Continuously striving to offer unforgettable aviation experiences, they often found themselves seeking customer reviews yet struggled to inspire these satisfied passengers to take actionable steps.

  • Review solicitation remained elusive. Red Baron constantly sought reviews but wrestled with the challenge of converting satisfied customers into active reviewers. Despite delivering incredible experiences, the majority of patrons left without leaving a review, creating a gap between their remarkable flights and online recognition.
  • Unleashed experiences left unshared. While passengers relished open cockpit bi-plane flights, translating these awe-inspiring moments into online testimonials proved challenging. The absence of a seamless feedback mechanism meant these remarkable experiences often went unshared.
  • Limited avenues for post-flight engagement. The absence of a streamlined review process curtailed their ability to harness post-flight enthusiasm. This left Red Baron unable to effectively tap into the emotions of delighted customers, resulting in the untapped potential for expanding their online reputation.

"We were always asking for reviews but found it hard to actually get customers to take action. Most people walk out the door, and although they had an incredible experience, do not take the time to go and leave a review."

The Solution

Red Baron embarked on a journey of exploration in their quest for a solution that would bridge the gap between remarkable flights and online recognition. Amidst a sea of options, their pursuit led them to ReviewsOnMyWebsite – a beacon of promise in their pursuit to amplify their online reputation.

  • Seamless customer engagement at the peak of their experience. Red Baron's discovery of ReviewsOnMyWebsite was spurred by its unique ability to enhance the post-flight engagement process automatically. The platform's SMS review request feature allowed Red Baron to swiftly send customers review links while customers were still immersed in the thrill of their adventure, a strategic moment when enthusiasm is at its freshest.
  • Enhanced conversion through ease of action. The convenience ReviewsOnMyWebsite offered was undeniable. The SMS review link facilitated frictionless customer engagement, eliminating the barriers often deterring reviewers. This seamless process and the team's personalized approach significantly amplified customer conversions, as patrons found it effortless to provide feedback.
  • A holistic solution for reputation management. What set ReviewsOnMyWebsite apart was its holistic approach to reputation management. Beyond review solicitation, the platform encompassed features that streamlined review collection, displayed the latest reviews, and empowered Red Baron with a better understanding of their customer sentiment. This all-in-one solution aligned seamlessly with Red Baron's commitment to delivering excellence across all facets of their service.

"ReviewsOnMyWebsite has increased the amount of reviews we get significantly. It allows us to send them a text message with a review link while they are still in our flight lounge. Our team lets them know that we have done this and asks them for any feedback. This has greatly increased conversions as it is much easier for the customer to do."

The Results

Opting for ReviewsOnMyWebsite was how Red Baron decided to face their challenge. This teamwork signaled their effort to make their online presence better and give importance to each flight's story.

  • Skyrocketing Google reviews by 625%. With ReviewsOnMyWebsite as their wingman, Red Baron witnessed an extraordinary 625% surge in reviews received on Google. This meteoric rise, an unprecedented testament to their partnership, established them as a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry.
  • Experiencing the crowning glory of a 5-star rating. As more reviews poured in, Red Baron's total rating reached a glowing 5.0 stars. This achievement showcased how much customers loved their flights, proving their commitment to top-notch service and making memories.
  • An immeasurable amount of stress reduced. Red Baron's unwavering pursuit of authentic feedback paid off, with over 100+ new reviews flooding in on Google. This exponential surge, highlighted their exhilarating flights and the impact of their collaboration with ReviewsOnMyWebsite.

"ReviewsOnMyWebsite was very easy to set up and use. It's a simple system with great support, and even backend options with API access!"

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After ReviewsOnMyWebsite

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