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Easily embed and display your positive reviews with our user-friendly, code-free, and responsive Yelp business reviews widget to help build trust, drive sales, and enhance your online reputation.

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Why thousands of businesses like yours love our Yelp reviews widget

Show potential customers why your brand is the best choice. Give leads the information they need to make a decision by automatically displaying Yelp reviews across your website.

Stand out from competitors

Standing out from your competitors is key in today's competitive market. Displaying your best reviews directly on your website will differentiate your brand from your competition and showcase your business's strengths.

Drive sales

Leverage positive reviews to increase customer trust and encourage more sales by adding a Yelp reviews widget to your website. Research has shown that social proof is a powerful factor in driving conversions. Drive repeat business and boost your brand reputation through positive user-generated marketing.

Enhance engagement

Encourage customers to leave feedback and engage with your business. Displaying Yelp reviews directly on your website demonstrates that your business is open to feedback and committed to providing exceptional products and services.

Monitor reputation

Monitoring your online reputation is essential for any business. Easily keep track of customer feedback in one place. Identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance your business's success.

Increase awareness

Showcasing positive customer feedback will help attract new customers and increase brand awareness by establishing your business as a trusted and authoritative source in your industry.

Improve ratings

A high overall star rating is a critical factor in attracting new customers and building brand credibility. Showcase positive customer feedback and improve your overall star rating. Stand out from your competitors and demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional service and products.

Unleash the power of reviews with our all-in-one Yelp reviews widget solution

Maximize your online presence with these note-worthy features

Showcasing your positive customer feedback has never been easier with our code-free, customizable, and secure Yelp reviews widget. Build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business in a matter of minutes.

Code-free integration

Integrating a Yelp reviews widget into your website is quick and easy, with no coding required. Simply copy and paste the code into your website to start showcasing your positive reviews.

Stay up-to-date

With real-time review updates, your Yelp reviews widget will always display the latest customer feedback, ensuring your website stays up-to-date and relevant.

Personal touch

Customize the look and feel of your Yelp reviews widget to match your website's aesthetic. Personalize your widget to make it truly unique to your business.

At-a-glance ratings

Quick star ratings make it easy for website visitors to quickly understand the overall satisfaction of your customers, improving their purchasing decision speed.

Track feedback

With review insights, you can monitor customer feedback and track how your business is performing on Yelp. This helps you make informed decisions to enhance your business's success.

Trusted technology

Our Yelp reviews widget uses fast and secure technology, making it compatible with any website. You can trust that your widget will always be secure and working properly.

Embed our Yelp reviews widget on your website
in 3 simple steps

1. Connect

Pull your Yelp reviews from your Yelp Business Listing without the need to authenticate your brand.

2. Customize

Pick from a handful of responsive layouts, designs, fonts, and colors to brand your unique Yelp reviews widget code.

3. Embed

Seamlessly embed your Yelp reviews on any web page with a fast and hassle-free integration (no coding required!).

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Select your favourite widget template and add it to your website in just a few clicks!

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Take your online reputation to new heights

ReviewsOnMyWebsite is proud to be the all-in-one solution for adding Yelp reviews on thousands of websites just like yours. Our Yelp reviews widget is backed by years of experience and an incredibly talented team of experts.

Save time and money

Our Yelp reviews widget is affordable and easy to use. Automatically sync and display Yelp reviews on any page of your website, whether it’s your homepage or the sidebar of your service’s page.

Anyone can use it

Link to Yelp reviews on your website quickly–no code needed. Customize our widget templates and embed Yelp reviews on any website platform.

Quick and competent assistance

Problem? No problem! We’re on hand to help around the clock. We’ll get you set up and ready to import your Yelp reviews in a matter of minutes.

Seamless integration with leading website builders

Effortlessly integrate your Yelp reviews widget into your website, no matter the platform. Our code-free solution is compatible with all major website builders, making it easy to embed and get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The more reviews you have, the better–but you should always focus on quality over quantity. Having 10 five-star reviews is better than having 50 two- or three-star reviews. Anywhere between 10 and 20 is a good place to start. This gives customers the confidence they need to invest in your products or services.
While the Yelp reviews widget by ReviewsOnMyWebsite displays Yelp reviews, our review generation software requests and collects reviews from Yelp. Our no-code software automatically sends out feedback requests, while our Yelp reviews widget displays real-time reviews to keep your social proof fresh and up-to-date.
The Yelp reviews widget can be very effective if you regularly generate new reviews. Displaying reviews in one place provides social proof and makes investing in your brand a no-brainer for potential customers.
Yes, the ReviewsOnMyWebsite widget can be customized. Choose from a variety of pre-designed templates, add your brand logos, colors, and fonts, and display the widget wherever you want on your website. The possibilities are endless, and you can easily streamline your widget to match your website design.
Yes, the Yelp reviews widget is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This means that it will adjust to any screen size and device, ensuring a seamless and optimal experience for your website visitors, regardless of the device they use to access your website.
Yes, ReviewsOnMyWebsite offers a 14-day free trial. Design a widget and test it out on your site to see how it looks and how it works. No coding is required, which makes it easy for anyone and everyone to give it a go. We guarantee you won’t want to go back once you test out the plugin.

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