Our Features

Reviews from Multiple Sources

Aggregate your business reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp and YellowPages and display them all with a single widget.

Mobile Responsive

Our reviews widget works on any screen resolution, has responsive design and mobile-ready functionality.

Wordpress Compatible

Our widget is powered by a simple JavaScript code and is compatible with Wordpress and other CMS's.

Easy to Customize

Choose whether you want to show or hide the reviewers' thumbnail, limit the number of reviews that are displayed and more.

Up-To-Date Reviews

Our system will automatically check for new reviews posted on other sites and add them to your widget.

Multiple Layouts

Select from a variety of different layouts to display your reviews! From a simple list to a multi-column grid to a rotating slider.


Our widget works through HTTPS protocol for high security protection on any website.

Minimum Rating Filter

Hide negative reviews with low ratings from the display.

Email Notifications

Get notified by email when our system finds a new review and adds it to the widget.

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