How to Respond to Reviews with AI Assistant

As a business owner, it’s essential to respond to online reviews. Not only do reviews provide valuable insight into a customer’s experience, but responding to them can also help build customer loyalty. Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, shows customers that their opinions matter and that the business values their feedback.

The challenge with responding to reviews is that it can be time-consuming and difficult to keep up with the volume of reviews. That’s where ReviewsOnMyWebsite comes in.

This article will dive into the features and benefits of using our AI review response assistant to generate customized responses to your customer reviews.

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Generate better review responses with ReviewsOnMyWebsite

Now that you understand the importance of responding to reviews, it's time to explore how ReviewsOnMyWebsite can make the process easier and more efficient for your business.

The use of AI in business has become inevitable. With advancements in technology, AI has enabled businesses to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. With ReviewsOnMyWebsite’s personal AI assistant, you can generate automated responses to reviews quickly and easily. Our AI assistant is trained to recognize sentiment and generate customized responses based on your customer’s feedback. This helps teams save time and energy while still showing customers that their feedback is valued.

How to respond to reviews with your personal AI assistant

If you've connected Google reviews by authorizing our software to access your Google account, you are now ready to respond to reviews directly from the ReviewsOnMyWebsite dashboard!

Step 1 - Generate

Watch the video below or follow the steps in this article:

Once you log in, you will see all of your reviews in your reviews section in your ReviewsOnMyWebsite dashboard. On the Reviews page, locate the review you wish to respond to.

Click on "Suggest response" at the bottom of the review to receive your AI-generated reply.

A modal will open containing the review and the AI-generated response below it.

Step 2 - Revise

Review the generated response and make adjustments if necessary, or generate a new customized response by clicking "Regenerate."

Step 3 - Reply

Once you are satisfied with the response, click "Respond."

Your reply will be posted publicly on your Google Business Profile, and the review author will receive an email from Google notifying them about your response.

If you've connected your Google reviews using the lookup method, or if you're responding to a review published on any other review platform, you'll need to copy the response and manually paste it into the 3rd party review platform where the review is posted.

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Generating custom-tailored review responses to your customer reviews couldn't get any easier with ReviewsOnMyWebsite! Interested in seeing the AI-generated responses in action? Take a look at our free AI review response generator.

Frequently asked questions

How does ReviewsOnMyWebsite generate responses to reviews?

Our AI assistant is trained to recognize sentiment and generate customized responses based on unique customer feedback.

Can I edit the AI-generated responses before posting them? 

Yes, you can review the generated response and make adjustments if necessary or generate a new customized response.

Do I need to have a Google Business account? 

No, but if you want to respond to Google reviews directly from the ReviewsOnMyWebsite dashboard, you need to connect your Google reviews by authorizing our software to access your Google Business Profile.

Can I respond to reviews on other review platforms besides Google? 

Yes, you can generate responses for reviews published on any other platform, such as Facebook.

Does using ReviewsOnMyWebsite cost anything?

Yes, there are different pricing plans available, depending on the number of locations and features you need. Try our software today with our 14-day free trial!