Regarding the real estate space, Zillow reviews reign supreme. If you consider Zillow and its recent acquisitions, including sister company Trulia, they represent more than 70 percent of all real estate online reviews.

The simple truth is that Zillow agent reviews are compelling - not only for realtors and agents but everyone involved in the home buying and building industry.

Since Zillow is one of the major players in the real estate marketplace, agents and realtors need to understand how best to leverage their platform.

This article will explain what you need to know about Zillow reviews for agents. We'll cover how to get Zillow reviews and successfully manage them, as well as how to leave Zillow reviews for agents. We will also explain how ReviewsOnMyWebsite can boost Zillow ratings, create trust, and increase your online reputation.

What are Zillow reviews and how do they work? 

Zillow reviews are comments and ratings left by customers regarding their experiences with real estate agents and realtors. The customers can include home buyers and home sellers. It's also common for vendors, such as home inspectors, marketing agencies, and others who work with the realtor, to leave Zillow reviews for agents.

These reviews are typically based on an individual's overall experience, including the quality of service they received, how helpful the agent was, and whether or not they would recommend them to a friend.

The ratings are then used to create a star rating system visible to other potential customers.

Zillow can benefit agents, as they provide an excellent opportunity to showcase their skills and stand out from the competition.

Zillow reviews for sellers

For sellers, a Zillow group review can be a great way to find the right realtor or agent who will best represent the homeowners best interest. The listing agent needs to know how Zillow offers work, set the right listing price, and gauge the market value to maximize profits for their clients. 

Reading through an agent's Zillow website reviews provides valuable insight into the type of service they provide and helps them make a more informed decision when selecting the right person for their home-selling needs.

Zillow reviews for buyers

Most home buyers use Zillow reviews to identify real estate professionals with the experience and skills necessary to successfully guide them through the home-buying process.

First time buyers must select an agent who understands the local market, their home value, and can provide helpful advice to potential buyers throughout the home-buying process.

Zillow review examples 

When reading through Zillow reviews, looking for positive and negative comments is essential.

Positive reviews often include "My agent was extremely helpful and knowledgeable" or "The realtor did an excellent job understanding my needs."

Negative reviews may include comments such as "my agent was unresponsive" or "the realtor was unable to provide the services I required."

By reading positive and negative reviews, buyers and sellers can better understand an agent's experience and skills.

However, a common misunderstanding is that Zillow only offers reviews for real estate agents. In truth, several reviews are available for others involved in the home buying and selling industry.

Zillow reviews for agents

For agents, Zillow reviews are a great way to showcase their services and stand out from the competition. To accept reviews on Zillow, the agent will first create a user profile. It's this profile where former or current customers will leave their feedback.

Agents should make sure they respond promptly to all customer reviews and address any issues that arise. This can help build trust with potential customers and increase their online reputation.

Zillow reviews for home improvement professionals

Zillow also allows customers to leave reviews for home improvement professionals like roofers, painters, and plumbers.

These reviews can benefit individuals looking for reliable contractors who provide quality services. However, they can also provide these professionals with exceptional marketing opportunities.

Zillow reviews for property managers 

Similarly, Zillow reviews are an excellent way for property managers to showcase their services and stand out from the competition.

The reviews can provide potential customers insight into how efficient and attentive a particular property manager is. They can also identify any issues that need to be addressed or problems that have arisen.

Zillow reviews for builders 

In addition to reviews for agents, home improvement professionals, and property managers, Zillow also allows customers to leave reviews for builders. This platform permits realtors and agents to leave reviews after working with builders and direct consumer reviews to articulate their buying experience.

These reviews can be incredibly helpful for potential customers when selecting a builder who meets their needs and expectations. There are also some reviews that are linked to mortgage lenders as well. 

Zillow reviews for inspectors 

Finally, Zillow reviews are an excellent way to identify and select a reliable inspector.

These reviews can help potential customers assess the quality of service offered by each particular inspector and identify any issues that may have been overlooked in past inspections.

Why are Zillow agent reviews important for real estate businesses?

Overall, Zillow reviews are an invaluable resource for real estate businesses seeking to improve their reputation and establish trust with potential customers.

The reviews allow buyers, sellers, agents, home improvement professionals, property managers, builders, and inspectors to showcase their services and stand out from the competition.

However, beyond the reasons above, there are additional advantages and benefits to increasing your number of positive Zillow reviews.

1. Extended reach due to acquisitions

In recent years, Zillow has acquired many competitors, including HotPads, StreetEasy, and Trulia. They also own nine additional real estate review platforms - giving them more than a 70 percent market share of all online reviews for agents.

When you drive more traffic to Zillow, you can likewise take advantage of these other platforms, as many share data.

2. Expanded targeted audience

The main benefit of owning the majority of online reviews for realtors is a large target audience. This is especially true with Zillow, Trulia, and the plethora of additional websites owned by the parent company.

Since most soon-to-be home buyers and sellers trust Zillow reviews, the agents have many potential clients to showcase their services.

3. Showcase complete inventory

Zillow's U.S. database lists most homes in America, and they have a plethora of information on home sales, properties, values, etc., that is both public and proprietary. What makes their data set unique is precisely this combination of public and private data.

For realtors, it permits them to showcase all of their listings through their profiles. This allows them to draw in new clients via their reviews, then directly market to them with their homes for sale.

4. Develop trust with new customers

With more than 80 million homes in their database, Zillow's active userbase provides them with behavioral data, habits analysis, customer sentiment, buying/selling decision factors, and much more - information you won't find anywhere else.

And this is important because it means that Zillow knows your customers better than you do.

However, along with these exceptional marketing tools, Zillow reviews also permit you to develop trust with future customers - before they meet you.

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How to get Zillow testimonials as a realtor

Before you build your Zillow home buying reviews, every agent and realtor must create their user profile.

Here are a few best practices for establishing your Zillow profile as a realtor.

Step 1 - Create a Zillow premier agent account 

Creating an account on Zillow is easy and can be completed in minutes. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your profile as a Zillow Premier Agent.

Step 2 - Upload profile image & complete bio 

Once you have created your account, it's time to complete the profile section of your page. Here, you can include all relevant information, such as your name, contact details, experience, and qualifications.

Step 3 - Ask your previous customers for reviews 

Once your profile is complete, it's time to ask previous customers for reviews. You can send them an email or text with a link to leave a review on Zillow.

Though it's ultimately your decision, the best realtors will personalize the review request. While creating a template is easy and effective as you scale your business and drive new reviews, it's a great idea to personalize your message to individual clients.

Step 4 - Know when to request Zillow reviews

Best practices for collecting new Zillow reviews for agents suggest following a few proven times. The best times to ask for a positive Zillow review include the following:

  • After you've given the buyer some helpful information or advice in a consultation
  • Assisting a Zillow rental prospect
  • Before saying goodbye to a customer after any property tours or planned visits
  • After you submit a proposal or offer to buy a home for a client
  • After an offer has been accepted
  • When you give your clients the keys to their new home or after the successful close

How to successfully manage your Zillow reviews

Managing your Zillow reviews can be time-consuming, but it's one of the best ways to ensure that you constantly improve as a realtor.

Here are some tips for managing your Zillow reviews.

First - Always respond to all reviews

You must respond to all customer reviews, whether positive or negative. Review websites like Google and others reward users who actively engage with those who leave reviews. This is considered to be quality-driven content.

Second - Keep your responses professional

No matter how you feel, keep your responses professional and maintain the same level of customer service when responding to reviews. This is especially true when a previous client leaves less-than-flattering feedback.

Third - Drive negative reviews to private conversations offline

If a customer leaves a negative review, it's best to drive the conversation offline. This allows you to resolve issues without airing out your dirty laundry online. Not only will this permit you to discuss any issues with the client, but it also gives you a chance to resolve them.

If you can fix their issues, don't hesitate to ask them to either revise their negative review or delete it.

How to leave Zillow reviews for agents

Leaving a Zillow review for an agent is just as easy as requesting one. Here's how this process is accomplished.

Step 1 – Create a user profile 

If you don't already have a Zillow user account, create one by entering your name and email address. You'll likely have to verify your email before the account is activated.

Step 2 – Find the agent's profile 

You can search for a realtor's profile using their name or business name. Once you locate the profile, click on it to view more information about them.

Step 3 – Leave a review 

Once on the profile, click the "Leave a Review" button to leave your feedback. Be sure to provide honest and detailed details about your experience with the agent.

Step 4 – Submit your review 

After submitting, your review may take up to 24 hours to appear on the profile.

How ReviewsOnMyWebsite can boost your Zillow ratings

When a realtor spends time driving clients to leave Zillow reviews for agents, their profile ratings can skyrocket. Additionally, publishing favorable reviews on their website holds a lot of weight with Zillow regarding building trust with your customers.

When customers leave positive feedback on your page and share their experiences, they are helping to boost your Zillow ratings.

These Zillow reviews can also provide valuable insight into your services, allowing you to make improvements if needed.

ReviewsOnMyWebsite can help automate the process of seeking more reviews. It permits you to send emails and text messages to your clients with a direct link to your Zillow profile.

You can also use it to showcase your best client Zillow reviews on your real estate website.

Key takeaways

Zillow reviews have become an indispensable tool for realtors in the digital age. Not only do they provide valuable insight into your services as a realtor, but they also help to boost search ratings when customers leave positive feedback.

When managing Zillow reviews, it's essential to respond quickly to all reviews, keep your responses professional and drive negative reviews to private conversations offline.

Finally, if you're looking for help to streamline the process of requesting reviews from your clients, consider giving ReviewsOnMyWebsite a try.  


How do I see my reviews on Zillow?

When you're a realtor, it's straightforward to see your reviews published by former clients. The first step is ensuring you're logged into your Zillow profile. Then, to see your reviews on Zillow, navigate to your profile page and click the "Reviews" tab. Here you'll find a list of all your positive and negative customer reviews.

As an agent, will I be alerted when someone reviews me on Zillow?

Yes, when someone leaves a review for you on Zillow, the site will send you an email notification so that you can respond to any feedback promptly. You can customize many of the automated notification tools to send you emails, provide desktop alerts, or even send text message alerts in some cases.

As an agent, will I know who has reviewed me?

Not always. When someone leaves a review for you on Zillow, they don't have to provide their name or other identifying information. However, once a review has been posted to your profile page, you can see the reviewer's full name and contact details.

Can Zillow reviews be deleted? 

No. Once a review has been posted on your profile page, it can't be removed or edited in any way. However, you can respond to the reviewer's feedback and answer any questions they may have about their experience with you as an agent. It would be best if you also strived to resolve any disputes offline and away from public view. And if you can resolve their issue, the user can update their initial review by adding positive comments about your service.

Can you respond to reviews on Zillow?

Yes, as a realtor, you can respond to Zillow reviews. Responding quickly and professionally to customer feedback demonstrates that you care about their opinion and value their experience with the agent. This is also an opportunity to build trust with potential clients considering working with you.

Can Zillow reviews be fake? 

Yes, unfortunately, Zillow reviews can be faked. It's essential to be aware of this and take extra steps to ensure the authenticity of customer feedback on your page. The best way to do this is to ensure that all reviews come from real contacts in your network who have done business with you. Additionally, it's wise to regularly monitor your Zillow reviews and detect any suspicious activity or patterns.

Can anyone write a review on Zillow?

Yes, anyone can write a review on Zillow. However, it's essential to be aware that many reviews come from customers who have had direct experience working with you as an agent. So, if you're looking for honest feedback about your services and how you can improve them, make sure to request reviews from people who have hired you or used your services. This will help ensure the integrity of the reviews posted on your profile page.

Why are my reviews not showing on Zillow?

It could be due to a few different issues if you're not seeing your reviews on Zillow. For example, the site administrators haven't yet approved the reviews. If the review has been flagged as inappropriate or fake, it won't appear on your profile page. It's also possible that you have a low rating, meaning you don't have enough reviews to meet the minimum requirement. If that's the case, reach out to your network and ask them to leave a review for you.

What should a good review for a real estate agent be like? 

A good review for a real estate agent should include detailed feedback about the agent's services and how they helped you during your transaction. Additionally, it should be specific to the agent rather than general comments about the experience of buying or selling a home. Be sure to mention any unique qualities or skills the agent has that make them stand out from the competition.

How long does it take Zillow to post a review?

The time it takes for a review to be posted on Zillow can vary. It usually takes one to two weeks for the review to appear on your profile page. However, the review may take longer to approve and post if it's flagged as inappropriate or fake by Zillow's moderators

How to get Zillow reviews on Google? 

One way to get Zillow reviews on Google is by using the "Share" button on your profile page. By clicking this button, you can easily share your Zillow reviews with anyone who searches for you online.

Additionally, it's also possible to link directly from your website or social media profiles to your Zillow reviews. This will help boost your visibility and make it easier for potential customers to find you online.

How to add Zillow reviews to Facebook?

You can add Zillow reviews to Facebook by creating a profile page for your business. Then, you can link directly from your profile page to the Zillow reviews on your profile. You can also share links to your Zillow reviews on posts and stories to get more visibility for your service. This is an effective way to establish credibility and boost customer trust on the platform.

How to embed Zillow reviews on a website?

There are a few ways you can embed Zillow reviews on your website. You can embed Zillow reviews on your website using a Zillow reviews widget. You must copy and paste the provided code into any page or post on your website. This will allow customers to read your Zillow reviews directly from your website without leaving the page.